Our Team

Our Team

We are very proud of the staff we have! Take a moment to learn more about our employees and get to know who you will be interacting with before your trip even begins.

Stephen “Steve” Clevenger

Owner/ General Manager



Nathaniel Dodson

Assistant General Manager/ Course Manager

I have been a part of this company since the summer of 2014. To have the opportunity to work within the park has been a dream of mine since I was a kid. As a kid, I visited this park many times and I have many fond memories of running the trails with my family.


Shane Berlingeri

Course Supervisor

“If you don’t jump, you will be pushed” -Shane


Zach Baird

Course Supervisor

“I’ll be back next summer” -Zach

a man standing on top of a trash can

Jacob “Bob” Clevenger

Assistant Guide

“Hey, My name is Bob” – Bob

Calista “Tilly” Dodson

Office / Guide


Benjamin “Ben” Myers

The Stable Boy/ Guide

I love horses. I don’t know what started my fondness for them or why I absolutely had to have a “Stable” job, but I am very thankful to get to spend my time at the stables any chance I get.

a person that is playing in a park

Shana Carter


“Thats pretty neat!” -Shana


If you are interested in becoming part of the team, follow the link to see our