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Our Team

Our Team

We are very proud of the staff we have! Take a moment to learn more about our employees and get to know who you will be interacting with before your trip even begins.

Stephen “Steve” Clevenger

Owner/ General Manager



Nathaniel Dodson

Assistant General Manager/ Course Manager

I have been a part of this company since the summer of 2014. To have the opportunity to work within the park has been a dream of mine since I was a kid. As a kid, I visited this park many times and I have many fond memories of running the trails with my family.


Shane Berlingeri

Course Supervisor

“If you don’t jump, you will be pushed” -Shane


*A banana sticker class guide

a man riding on top of a tree

Jacob “Bob” Clevenger

Course Supervisor

“Hey, My name is Bob” – Bob

a man sitting on a bench next to a tree

Noah Thornton

Course Supervisor

“My pleasure” – Noah

a person wearing a helmet

Calista “Tilly” Dodson

Office / Guide

“If you ain’t bootin‘ you ain’t scootin‘” – Tilly


a person standing next to a tree

Taven Boston

Junior Guide

*A banana sticker class junior guide

Jimmy Baio wearing a hat sitting on a bench

Nikolas Goff

Junior Guide

Lilah Johnson

Customer Service Rep.

Teaunna Boston

Customer Service Rep.

If you are interested in becoming part of the team, follow the link to see our